Studio 27a Equipment Specifications

Control Room

8.0m x 5.0m


Chandler TG Mini Mixer


ProTools HD3 (16 out/8 in)

2Bus Conversion

Lavry Gold AD122-96 MKIII


Yamaha NS-10M Studio, Auratone Super Soundcube, Adam S3A’s, Adam Sub12, Quad 405 power amp, Quad 303 power amp, Central Station with remote

Dynamics, EQ’s & Mic Pre’s

Chandler TG1 Limiter, Chandler TG Channel, Neve 1073DPA, Thermionic Culture Phoenix (with S/C), GML 8200, Purple MC76, DBX 160x, Blue Robbie, Avalon U5

Software and Plugins

Logic Pro
Waves Mercury + Studio Classics TDM bundle V8
Sound Toys Full Bundle TDM
Altiverb V6
Cranesong Phoenix
Abbey Road Brillance & TG Compressors
Metric Halo Channel Strip
Antares Avox 2 Vocal Processors
Celemony Melodyne Studio

Studio Acoustic Design

Studio acoustic design by Nick Whitaker